How to Apply Press On Nails Like a Pro

When it comes to manicures, press ons are taking over the conversation! We don’t have to tell you that a polished, chip-free set of nails can instantly lift your whole mood. And when you can get that boost for a fraction of the salon cost, in just a few minutes, and without the damage or commitment --- who could say no?

Depending on the way they’re applied, press ons can last anywhere between a few short hours and two whole weeks. But whether you’re going for a look that lasts one night or for the long haul, there are a few important rules you should follow. 



You want to make sure the nails fit before you commit. So do a little size check and if you’re between sizes, go smaller so the press ons don’t overlap over your skin. There’s nothing worse than a press on that is wider than your nail bed. That’s a dead giveaway.


Just like a classic manicure, prep is key! And when you buy a set from LUNA LAB, you can also get a full prep kit that comes with the tools you need to apply your nails flawlessly. Use the nail file to file around your nails and use the buffer to lightly buff the surface of your nails. You want to ensure that the press ons have a smooth base to stick onto. Next use the orange wood stick to push your cuticles back, but only if it’s necessary for you. Finally, use the alcohol wipe to cleanse your nail bed of any dust and bacteria. 



If you want something temporary, use the adhesive nail tabs that come with your package.

For longer wear time, use the nail glue. Put a drop of glue on your natural nail and spread it all over your nail bed from cuticle to tip. Please don’t put so much nail glue that it’s dripping off your nails. Then, you want to do the exact same thing on the bottom of the press on. Saturate the press on, slide it under your cuticle, and then press down for about 10-15 seconds. Always do your pinky’s first. Or to put it in reverse, do your thumbs last! You want to keep your thumbs free because you’ll be doing most of the pressing with your thumbs. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time for you to try our press on nail alternatives to better protect your nails from damage!

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